Effluent & Waste Separators

Comprehensive range of Separators on the market including:
Screw Press, Rotary Drum, Static Screen & Centrifier Separators
Unlike some suppliers who will market the only option they have available, Yardmaster will work with you to ensure the Separator you choose, is right for your application and needs. Backed with industry experience and our own design and manufacture team, you can rest assured that we have the resource to support the product during and after the sale. This also enables a degree of customisation if required.



Having the Yardmaster range of separators constructed from stainless steel ensures the separators have protection from corrosion, rain and shine & all the adverse elements on the farm. The hard-working demands of the product need to be matched by a durable construction and Yardmaster Stainless deliver a relaible and high quality product that will effectively separate solids from effluent streams.

- Angus Mclean - Yardmaster Separator Product Specialist, Reid & Harrison Ltd
Rotary Drum Effluent Separator
Screw Press Effluent Separator
Static Screen
Benefits of Reid & Harrison Stainless:

New Zealand made - by certified stainless steel engineers with a reputation for producing reliable and quality products

Design Engineers - Qualified Design Engineers on site via parent Company - Reid & Harrison Ltd.

Machining - CNC and Manual capability via sister Company Reid & Harrison Engineering.

Design flexibility - full capabilty to modify Yardmaster Stainless designs to suit specific applications / demands.

Central North Island Location - with easy delivery throughout New Zealand via main state highways.

Proven track record for producing quality work, on time and on budget.

For specialised products or general stainless steel engineering, call today - 07 888 8224